Bevel and Edge coating with water based lacquer

  • Flooring
  • Edge coating furniture fronts / doors
  • Tubes
  • Mouldings
  • Building materials: rock wool, glass wool, gypsum boards and much more
  • Sidings

Bevel-/ Edge coating with the DVC.TALENT ALPHA

+ exact edge coatings at high application rates

+ no picture frame effect

+ overspray free

= professionelle Anwendung für professionelle Produkte

Convenient and simple operation

+ No waste of lacquer materials

+ High layer thicknesses can be applied in one process

+ automatic cleaning

= efficient production process

The DVC.TALENT ALPHA as an example installation in the manufacturing

+ compact design adapted to the conditions of your production line

= less space required for more production capacity

Bevel coating head

+ adapted to the work process

+ Optimized for high application volumes

+ Adjustment through cross bars

= easy operation with little effort and little use of materials

The machine

+ automatic cleaning in less than six minutes

+ viscosity control

+ Controlling of all production-relevant parameters

= high ease of use with consistently good production results

Humidifier + Cooling unit

+ easier cleaning of the water-cooled basic machine

+ easier cleaning through regulation of humidity

= less cleaning → more production time

Benefits of humidification

It has been shown that, with homogeneous moistening of the painting head, drying of the paint can be completely prevented. By supplying the humidified air with intervention of the viscosimeter, the viscosity of the paint is kept constant at the same time.

Function of the humidifier

The humidifier has several switching stages to compensate for the different environmental conditions.

Benefits of the automatic viscosity control

By this type of control, the viscosity changes of the paint are compensated. The different environmental conditions are recorded and the parameters automatically adjusted accordingly.