Profile coating with UV-Lacquer

  • Tubes
  • Mouldings
  • Plastic profiles
  • Metal profiles
  • Sidings


+ round coating

+ integrated line injection system

+ defined layer thickness, regardless of the profile shape

+ High working speed with low order quantity

+ Partial painting possible

= professional application for professional products

Convenient and easy operation

+ no loss of paint

+ Temperature-controlled viscosity adjustment

+ Parameter adjustable via HMI

= efficient production process

The DVC.TALENT OMEGA as an example installation

+ compact design adapted to the conditions of your

+ production line

= less space requirement for more production capacity

Injection chamber

+ adapted to the work process

+ optimized for high production results

+ Tools tailored to the profiles ensure high repeatability

+ Aluminum die-cast blanks provide low tooling costs

+ Easy and fast profile change

+ adjustable application rates in one operation

= easy operation with little effort and little use of materials

The section shows the uniform paint distribution on the workpiece.